Creating Awareness

Gradeon realise that understanding policy requirements doesn’t need to be overwhelming for the user. This inspired us to find an affordable and adaptable method of creating security awareness training that is entertaining, effective, attestable and most importantly memorable. Our partners Popcorn have been providing training for our clients since 2011.

We create stories that apply key learning points to the working environment; explain potential threats, as well as how and why policies need to be complied with and what the expected behaviour should be. Content is based on up to date and generally accepted corporate security policies and delivered through a humorous story based approach.

The training can be integrated with your Learning Management System (LMS), as client application or via cloud. There are several themes to choose from with general awareness themes with posters, emails and desk-drop leaflets to ensure maximum exposure. In addition, there is a simulation programme that checks on user awareness which can be run prior and post training to gauge the level of awareness.

We like to engage with your users

By engaging users and making security personally relevant, we enable behaviour change and teach cyber vigilance.

Story based Training

A picture is worth a thousand words and we believe a good story is worth a thousand training sessions.

People don’t just think, they also feel

Stories and real experiences are powerful; they engage our emotions, trigger our imagination and motivate us into action.

How people remember

Keep messages short, contextualized and use creative delivery mechanisms.