Evidence Gathering

Technological advances have changed business practices and the process of recording and storing evidence of business transactions; policy, standards and control execution is extensive and growing.

Many organisations just as in their process layer have multiple versions of governance and evidence repositories for internal and external auditing particularly within respective teams and disciplines rather than in one central repository with controlled access to retain privacy and security policies.

The number of overlaps is time-consuming and costly. Most organisations are unable to pin point where the latest evidence is, who was responsible and who should ensure evidence is timely, valid, complete and accurate.

Gradeons framework provides useful insights into the status and value of your control frameworks, evidence, policies, process and standards used and how your organisation can automate and reduce the burden on your business function with timely and accurate reporting throughout the management layers as appropriate to your organisation.

Many organisations wait till danger time, pay over the odds for external help to gather evidence perform last minute remediation’s in an effort to meet time-bound compliance and audit requirements.