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How do you make your employees aware of the threats?

Incorporating awareness programmes, sharing company values, policy and standards. Regular training in meaningful bite size chunks with measurable results

Gradeon offer LMS (Learning Management Systems) services and tailor-made classroom style learning modules and information bulletins.

Do you need to meet tight timescales to deliver compliance?

There’ many reasons an organisation can find themselves in this position. In most cases the decision makers are not provided with a solution and realistic plan.  The time to act is now  – please call or contact for a non-commit discussion..

Would you like access to the right security people as and when you need them?

At Gradeon we understand that organisations need that extra help without the need to enter into protracted agreements. We offer scalable services tailored to your needs – Please call or contact us to discuss your specific requirements..

Are you struggling to deliver compliance as Business IT refresh exhausts resources and budgets?

It’s inevitable with modern business methods and technology advancements, that the rate of change exhausts resources and budgets. We have proven methods of resolving these issues to satisfy all stakeholders, often with value-add benefits.

Do you have a plan for implementing fraud prevention and risk mitigation?

Current legislation expects all organisations to have detailed plans approved and in-flight with evidence of implementation, use; monitor, control and report. We have strategies and solutions to ensure you adopt this all important aspect.

Do you know the cost of compliance to your organisation over next 3 to 5 years?

In many cases, organisations struggle to keep up with their compliance obligations. Compliance is a growing concern with new legislation coming into scope as businesses grow and new standards are released. The cost is high and usually requires additional uplift of resources to cover important milestones. Having a plan that stretches past attestation to a fully integrated function is the best way to calculate the cost of compliance, with a realistic road map alongside all important value-add solutions will enable you to embrace compliance as a function.

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