What is a Vulnerability Scanner

A vulnerability scanner is a computer program designed to assess computers, networks or applications for known weaknesseslike cross-site scripting, SQL injection and more.

A vulnerability scanner uses a database that contains all the information required to check a system for security holes,then the scanner will try to exploit each vulnerability that is discovered and produce a report. This process is sometimes called ethical hacking.

Why GradeonAppCheck?

GradeonAppCheckis built from the ground up by experienced penetration testers, GradeonAppCheck’s aim is to bridge the gap between manual and automated testing tools, giving constant visibility with professional penetration test style reports.

Not only does GradeonAppCheckdetect vulnerabilities with known signatures, they detect some of the hardest to reach security flaws using a first principles methodology setting them apart from other vendors and resulting is being trusted by some of the worlds most recognised brands.

All licences come with unlimited users meaning multiple departments can run scans against a variety of environments such as live, UAT and SDLC enabling GradeonAppCheck software to discover vulnerabilities 24/7 across your whole business.

Offering several UK-based support services tailored to organisations of different sizes and technical understanding, GradeonAppCheck really excels at customer service, with access to remediation advice from experienced penetration testers.


Automatic vulnerability management
Easy to use vulnerability management dashboard
Technology agnostic
Self-configure tailored scans that fit your business with ease
Scheduled scans for continuous or out of hours scanning
Safe exploitation of vulnerabilities
Easy remediation advice for discovered vulnerabilities
Flexible configuration and integrations with common development tools
Conduct tests throughout the development lifecycle
Ability to identify zero day vulnerabilities


Scans test for OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities as standard
Unlimited users means multiple stakeholders can view and manage vulnerabilities
Unlimited scanning frequency means vulnerabilities can be discovered sooner
Reports contain high-level overview and technical breakdown of vulnerabilities to cater to all audiences
Detailed remediation advice helps quickly understand the vulnerability and potential impacts
Ability to navigate complex workflows through multi-stage authentication and replicate user journeys