IT Change & Transformation

There is no part of this world that hasn’t been touched, enhanced or changed by technology. We are only at the beginning of the technology era, with advancements happening at a faster pace every day particularly in retail and digital and analytics. Companies recognise that technology can give them the competitive edge.

Data is the new oil although in our view it always has been, why else call it Information Technology? The modern era provides cheaper storage, enterprise wide availability and ability to add layers of information about your data enriching it with huge gains when your data is mapped correctly to your sales and operational functions.

We can take ownership and be responsible for delivering your goals, take the reigns or backfill the doer’s, it really doesn’t matter, we simply want to help you deliver maximum gains efficiently, with minimum disruption to your business.

Areas Covered

Gradeon has completed assignments for a number of leading organisations across multiple sectors. We have positioned individual hires to entire teams within our clients’ organisations in IT or Business related functions.

Our service offers a range of strategic solutions, from executive search to succession planning. If you have requirements within information technology or would like to discuss your plans in detail, please contact the information technology recruitment team ….

A large transformational project or program can signify a new era of revenue generating opportunities for organisations and it can also fail to deliver the benefits for your business with a multitude of pitfalls (workarounds) to deal with on your everyday operation.

It doesn’t matter how well planned you believe you are either, as there are always unexpected events which need managing.

Having the right mind-set is one thing, it’s also how adaptable your tools, governance, and delivery function is. Whether you recognise challenges with governance, drowning in spreadsheets, inconsistent reporting, lack lustre decision-making or just simply need some extra help we can assist.

We have a growing bank of consultants experienced in ensuring you get your programme off the ground or back on track. And, we don’t expect to be around all the time. Speak to us today, don’t delay; we have light touch and full programme backfill resource capabilities for any stage of the life-cycle and any level of seniority.

How we can help

Regardless of sector, function or geographic location, we assist organisations to avoid failures and deliver new value-add capabilities ensuring benefits are visible, measurable and investment are realised.

Our support begins at any stage of a project or program. We can justify the ideas and generate support or readjust expectations to deliver the benefits and cost savings your business has envisaged.

We offer pragmatic and effective approach to delivering any size of change, keeping it simple, engaging and meaningful to the doer’s and the decision makers.