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Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are arguably the biggest developments in digital technology since the dawn of the internet. Their potential to transform business is almost incalculable. Now widely adopted to varying degrees in most industry sectors, the terms are often used interchangeably and while there is a very close connection, the two concepts have distinct differences. The idea of Machine Learning is to move beyond the finite capabilities of computers in which their effectiveness is limited by the quality of their programming and instead create systems which learn and improve with experience.

The process mirrors the way humans learn, by experience, familiarity, repetition and the decoding of patterns. ML chatbots, for example, start with a defined set of answers to common customer questions but expand that database through the inputs they receive and tools such as natural language processing. Eventually, they may even be able to research the answers they do not already know. The benefits to customer service are easy to imagine and working with a machine learning development company can make this a reality in your business today. Although the technology may still be in its infancy, we’ve come a long way since Alan Turing devised his test to assess a computer’s thinking capacity.

Computers that think like human beings

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    Automated production and distribution
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    Optimised communication
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    Smart decision making
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    Enhanced, personalised customer experience
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    Vast capacity for data analytics
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    Robotic process automation
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    Increased productivity
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    Complex problems solved

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine Learning is a major step towards something even more powerful. That, of course, is Artificial Intelligence. The scope of this idea is vast since it is the science and engineering of making computers behave in ways that are at present exclusively human. Early forms of AI such as Deep Blue, the famous chess-winner, relied on algorithms for their capability and AI did not produce the promised miracles. Interest and investment in the field stalled. But now that ML is making such major advances, it will soon be able to feed the growth of AI as the focus moves from tackling complex calculations to mimicking human decision-making processes and activities.

AI falls into two broad categories: applied AI in which an artificial intelligence development company designs systems intelligently to perform specific tasks such as trading stocks, diagnosing health conditions or driving autonomous cars; and general AI which, in the future will be able in theory to handle any task assigned to it. The business uses of this technology will be virtually limitless but there is no reason to delay: adopting AI and ML now will bring you all the advantages currently available and prepare you for the revolution that is coming. Gradeon can help you get ready for the future now.

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