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There are good reasons for developing apps to work with the Android operating system. The first one that springs to mind is the ubiquity of Android devices. Newer platforms are fighting for recognition but for now and the foreseeable future, the market is dominated by Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. However, despite being most people’s definition of the smartphone, the Apple’s iPhone still occupies a slightly niche – if profitable – part of the mobile market and for the purposes of brand protection, Apple keeps its iOS platform very strictly to its own products.

The Android system is used across a much wider range of devices, not just those of Apple’s biggest current competitor Samsung but most other smartphones. It is calculated that four times more Android apps than iOS apps are downloaded in a year. Both numbers are in the billions, but this does show that Android has a considerably broader reach. With a much larger pool of customers, paid-for Android apps will generate more revenue while the free ones will spread much further than iOS ones. These different models suit the goals of Apple and Google, but for your business, it makes sense to invest in Android application development.

The Application Platform That Puts the World at Your Feet

  • Android

    Android is the most widely used mobile platform in the world
  • Android

    Android application downloads outnumber Apple iOS by 4 to 1
  • Android

    Android runs on a huge variety of mobile devices
  • Android

    Get the most from social media marketing with Android’s easily integrated apps
  • Android

    App development for Android is easy to learn and master
  • Android

    Registering, building and launching are quick and easy
  • Android

    Open source code for Android makes it simple to edit and modify apps
  • Android

    Cheap and free apps make the platform attractive and promote customer loyalty

Working with an Android mobile application development company

Major factors in Android’s prominence include the ease of development, installation and market penetration. Google’s philosophy is to encourage innovation and freedom, which is clear to see in the diversity of apps it makes available in its store. The company’s policy is to promote excellence and creativity free from any pre-conceived notions of what could or should be done. Working with an Android mobile application development company opens up a world that invites invention. It’s also much easier for users to download Android apps because they are available in many more places than just the Google Play Store.

The Android software development kit enables apps to be hosted on third party websites and to be installed directly onto a device or from the command line. Marketing is easy too – new Android apps can often be approved and deployed in 24 hours. You can even update your app as frequently as necessary and any changes will be live almost immediately. For its reach, speed and efficiency, Android is the perfect platform. Talk to us today to learn more about the huge benefits Android app development can bring to your business.

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