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There is much discussion and debate about the practice of branding and even the definition of the term ‘brand’. In some quarters, the concept of brand is associated heavily if not exclusively with the look of a company – its logo and its livery, the design elements of its appearance. Others hold to the view that a company’s brand is actually its promise, by which they mean the concept, value and perception of a company. The true answer is almost certainly where these ideas meet. A logo has no intrinsic meaning until it is imbued with one by the reputation of the company it represents. It is just one of the key aspects of branding: intention, representation and reality.

The intention of your brand relates to the idea behind the creation of your business, its aims, what it stands for, how it is viewed and how it distinguishes itself from the competition. These are all aspects over which you have considerable if not total control, but your assessment of them can be assisted by the analysis of an objective third party. The representation of your brand is about the look, but it goes beyond logos, colour schemes and fonts to include every aspect of your presentation, in the media, in the market, in customer interaction and can even extend to specific vocabulary and style guides. The reality is the hardest part, because this is all about customer experience, where your performance is measured in practice and your reputation is made or lost.

Features of successful branding

  • Market research

    Market research
  • Unique value proposition

    Unique value proposition
  • Communication

  • Consistency

  • Brand awareness

    Brand awareness
  • Coherent marketing

    Coherent marketing
  • Visual identity

    Visual identity
  • Online presence

    Online presence

Brand strategy development

Branding is just as important in business to business markets as it is with consumers. A strong branding strategy will establish your competitive positioning and define your offer in contrast to others in the same market. If you are competing with other well-branded businesses you need to speak very loudly about what makes you different. If your competitors do not have a strong brand identity, then you should take advantage of those weaknesses and fill the gap with a visible presence which will help you to develop your brand equity – the kind of prices you can command by virtue of the quality and value your customers come to expect from you. Competition is not always won by under-cutting but often by out-performing.

It’s easy to talk about brand strategy development in theory, but there is no better time to start putting it into practice than right now. Gradeon is a creative agency with experience of working with clients across a variety of sectors for whom we have built brand strategies from scratch or helped improve existing ones which were not meeting expectations. We have provided solutions for clients who had little or no identifiable profile or identity and no clear plan to create one as well as clients who are simply treading water, unable to break through to where they know they should be. In all cases, we have helped transform these companies, given them the means to consolidate and grow their customer base, clearly demonstrated their unique value, established an instantly recognisable identity and realised their brand equity potential. Think what we can do for you.

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