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Despite the steady shift of information from printed material to online sources, from encyclopaedias, academic papers and newspapers to government advice and all things related to health, retail, leisure and entertainment, the brochure survives as a unique form of communication. For businesses investigating the most effective methods of marketing their products and services, the lesson learnt by the book trade is a salutary one. E-books were expected to alter reading habits forever. Instead, they have settled into their own respectable but less than revolutionary niche occupying 20% of the market. Mobile devices have created their own phenomenon with the exploding social media scene, but that is a perfect marriage of technology and content. The printed page has qualities all of its own.

The brochure or catalogue remains unique and irreplaceable. Unlike a website, which for all its positives requires a user’s conscious decision to visit, a brochure reaches out. It is a sensory experience with a portable, physical presence and the kind of browsability that websites expressly imitate with graphics of turning pages. The travel industry has always relied heavily on the versatility and communicative power of well-designed brochures and although today everything is downloadable, the fact that travel agent shops are still heavily stocked with them tells you everything you need to know about their continuing relevance as a marketing tool. A brochure gets into your customers’ hands and homes, as a demonstration that the credibility of your business extends beyond the bells and whistles of an online presence into the real world.

Benefits of great brochure design

  • High-quality visuals

    High-quality visuals
  • Brand recognition

    Brand recognition
  • Efficient targeting

    Efficient targeting
  • Trust building

    Trust building
  • Ease of distribution

    Ease of distribution
  • Focused attention

    Focused attention
  • Durability and longevity

    Durability and longevity
  • Cost-effectiveness


Reasons to use a brochure design agency

Many people would consider a brochure to be a fairly short publication carrying essential descriptive material as an introduction to the services of a company, while a catalogue does the heavy lifting of systematic product listings, descriptions and methods of ordering. The practical reality is that there is no need to make such a distinction. A catalogue design company and a brochure design company are one and the same thing, producing expertly designed marketing materials to broaden your market through direct distribution to existing and potential customers. Whether you need a simple, introductory leaflet of just a few pages, a brochure than runs to several hundred pages or anything in between, the marriage of concept and design is crucial. A website can be easily amended as often as necessary while a brochure cannot. That’s one very good reason to make sure that you and your design agency get it right on the first try.

The aims of a brochure need to be carefully planned. What market are you trying to reach? What information do you need to impart? What outcome are you hoping to achieve? Equally you should consider whether and how often you intend to update with new editions and supplementary updates or, if not, then how long you intend the brochure’s useful life to be. To be truly effective, a brochure needs to grab and hold attention while quickly and succinctly conveying your message. It needs to stand out from competing publications, offering easily assimilated information in an attractive package with clear and simple calls to action. This is the sort of work which needs to be entrusted to professionals, who have not only graphic design skills but an intricate understanding of the mechanics of marketing by brochure. Gradeon offers a complete brochure design and advisory service to help you get the most from this timelessly effective marketing vehicle.

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