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What is change management?

No business can afford to stand still. Market trends, economic conditions, customer tastes and industry practices are in a state of perpetual change and a successful business has to be nimble enough to adapt and take advantage. Change need not be something to be feared: instead it should be welcomed for the opportunities it brings. That is why the concept of change management has become widely popular in every commercial sector: new goals, new systems and new policies can trigger expansion, growth and an increasing customer base.

Change management is about transforming a business through a highly structured approach, carrying both employees and customers with you. All changes must be planned, assessed and implemented with care in order to build on success and not inadvertently undermine it. An experienced change management consultant will make a highly effective contribution to the project, in demonstrating the need to consider the potential impact – both negative and positive – of all adjustments and replacements. Change for its own sake is pointless but change for the better can be extremely valuable. And although change management is driven from the top, at the core of the process are the principles of understanding, planning, implementation and communication.

Unlock the benefits of structured, progressive change

  • Change Management

    Full systems audit
  • Change Management

    Assessment of weaknesses
  • Change Management

    Identification of strengths
  • Change Management

    Crafting the vision
  • Change Management

    Designing the plan
  • Change Management

    Timetable of implementation
  • Change Management

    Employee training and education
  • Change Management

    Review and analysis of outcomes

Which kind of change is right for you?

Once you have identified a sound business case for embarking on a project of this scale and importance, you would be well advised to engage the services of an organisational change management consultant. It is a complex process and the stakes are high. There are also several strategies to consider ranging from the relatively cautious to the radical. Developmental change is essentially a process of implementing significant improvements to existing procedures. Transitional change is a more substantial shift away from the current model to a new one, often to address the challenges of mergers, acquisitions, automation or any other major disruption.

Then there is transformational change which may involve a fundamental reinvention of a company’s culture and organisation. Along a line drawn from the first to the last of these there will be shades and gradations but whatever the extent of the ambition and the urgency of the circumstances driving it, change management is a project that demands commitment, wisdom, skill and flexibility. The rewards of successful change management can be enormous. The idea might seem daunting but with the help of a change management consultant with a track record of guiding clients through the process, there is no reason why those rewards should not be yours. Talk to Gradeon’s consultants and find out how we can help you draw the change dividend.

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