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The evolution of cloud computing can be traced to the use of mainframe computers in the 1950s and 1960s. The expense and inefficiency of this system led to the development of time-sharing to give users access to various mainframes at once. Even when computing started to move away from centralised arrangements, a company’s presence in the technology space depended on having its own data centre to host computers and a team of IT specialists to manage the system. The lessons of time-sharing were that more versatile possibilities could be made to work and thus the earliest concept of cloud computing was born. Now the hardware-heavy systems of the past are being replaced by the ease and agility of services including software that are hosted over the internet.

A cloud developer working in the closing years of the 20th century would be gratified to see how far the concept has progressed since those days. Huge numbers of businesses and organisations now use cloud computing to store, access and process databases, operate analytics, and host software. Old fashioned servers will become a thing of the past. By 2025, it is estimated that 80% of all businesses will have moved all their computing to the cloud. While most companies currently use the cloud for networking and storage, an increasing diversity of AI applications is coming onto the market as the appetite for automation grows. The landscape is shifting and the eventual dominance of cloud computing is inevitable.

Some key benefits of cloud computing

  • Cost efficiency

    Cost efficiency
  • Security

  • Flexibility

  • Mobile access

    Mobile access
  • Data analytics

    Data analytics
  • Disaster recovery

    Disaster recovery
  • Automatic updates

    Automatic updates
  • Sustainability


Why it pays to work with a cloud developer

The cloud enables devices to access data via an internet connection between the front end, browsers, networks and apps and the back end repository of databases, servers and computers. It is already commonplace for businesses to use cloud services such as Google Docs and Office 365. As the technology evolves, it will become essential for businesses to appoint cloud development specialists to implement and maintain their cloud infrastructures. While there are many cloud service providers competing on service, pricing and security, the three dominant organisations are Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

Amazon’s own solution, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a particularly interesting story because it originated as an inhouse solution when the company was struggling with scalability challenges occasioned by its extraordinary hypergrowth. It worked so well for Amazon that they decided to roll it out as an offer to businesses. Virtually overnight, Amazon became a business to business service provider, setting the standard for its competitors to beat. Using an AWS programmer to maximise your company’s benefits from Amazon’s cloud service is highly recommended. But whichever cloud provider you elect to use as your business transforms, a cloud consultancy service such as Gradeon offers should be a key component of your strategy. The idea of cloud computing is to make life easier, but to progress your company from idea through to the realisation of its many operational benefits requires special expertise. Find out how we can help you get the best from the cloud computing revolution.

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