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The traditional measures of successful marketing are conversion rates: attracting new customers is the gold standard. But while it is absolutely crucial to put energy and resources into this pursuit in order to keep your customer base in a state of permanent expansion, there is an equally important function: customer retention. Make no mistake, a constant stream of new customers is essential but an existing, satisfied customer is at least as valuable as a new one and in some ways more so. For one thing, your company’s relationship with them is already defined by past transactions and you have learned about their habits and preferences through the data they have shared with you. Consolidating that relationship should be a priority.

It is relatively easy to set up an entry-level customer experience, but consumers are accustomed to a lot more. A customer engagement strategy recognises the sophistication of today’s consumer markets, where purchasers expect to feel valued and their loyalty rewarded. Supermarkets understood this years ago but the store cards and clubs remain a fairly primitive form of engagement. Much more effective methods of conversation, inclusion and reward are available to the smart marketing mind. Establishing enduring connections via email, social media, forums, websites and apps and leveraging them with machine learning helps you understand your customers and accurately predict their future behaviour.

Tools of customer engagement marketing

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    Cross-platform social media
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    Customer reviews
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    Regular contact
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    Engagement rewards
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    Feedback response
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    Social causes
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    Data analytics

Develop a total marketing strategy with Gradeon

The end products of customer engagement marketing are customer data and loyalty, but the tools for producing these outcomes are varied. However, perhaps the most universal element of every method is content. Once you have researched and analysed and identified the kind of content that will match your audience – its tone, its style, its substance – you will be ready to start developing narratives that draw your customers in. Most people are wise enough to understand that they are being marketed to, but they will happily accept this if the content being delivered is interesting, involving, valuable and original. If the tone is sincere, there is no reason to doubt the authenticity of the company’s efforts to reach out.

At Gradeon, we are mindful of studies which show that large numbers of users disengage if a story strikes them as inconsequential or mundane. Any old content simply will not do. Every narrative you share has to add value to the customer relationship. Equally, incentivisation and rewards must be meaningful and proportionate. Responsiveness is essential, whether it is to specific feedback or simply to general topics of conversation. Engagement of this kind will lodge in the memory and foster a sense of involvement. This is not peripheral to your marketing plans – it needs to be central. We have the experience and expertise to devise a 360-degree customer engagement marketing strategy, implement, maintain and monitor it. Let us help you turn customers into an invaluable resource.

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