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Establishing an online retail presence is one of the biggest steps your business will make. It may appear to be easy, given the multitude of readymade options available, but in fact, getting it right involves careful decision-making and cross-discipline skills. If you were setting up shop on the high street, you would not simply walk in to existing premises, stack the shelves, switch on the till and hope for the best. You would design every inch of the shop to reflect your brand and display your products to optimum effect. You would seek to offer an unbeatable customer experience that generates loyalty. Precisely the same considerations are involved in setting up a retail site, which is why successful firms choose the services of a professional ecommerce web design company.

Sophisticated ecommerce web development can make the difference between success and failure. Issues of design, ergonomics, convenience, security and compliance must all be addressed and resolved in the process. You need to make your ecommerce site attractive but you must also make it a pleasure to use. As far as possible, the browsing experience should have value in itself. And when it comes to buying, you need to make it easy, offering as a wide a selection of payments methods as possible – especially if your market is potentially global – while also being able to reassure customers that your site is not only secure but also compliant with laws and regulation including the GDPR.

Unique selling points of ecommerce

  • 24/7 customer access

    24/7 customer access
  • Global penetration

    Global penetration
  • SEO optimisation

    SEO optimisation
  • Self-generating customer database

    Self-generating customer database
  • Smart targeting

    Smart targeting
  • Low investment

    Low investment
  • Multiple product display options

    Multiple product display options
  • Exceptional user experience

    Exceptional user experience

Professional expertise and ecommerce web development

Think carefully about the user experience. Accessibility is as essential online as it is on the high street. Your site must load quickly and offer a flexible, customisable experience, simply managed via an easy to find settings menu. It goes without saying that your site must be optimised for mobile devices. Display methods have to compensate for the lack of physical interaction so you should consider the use of high-resolution zoomable photos, videos and 360 -degree views. Devise user-friendly, intuitive product categories, which will not only help visitors find what they’re looking for but have a positive impact on search engine ranking because of the structure they help build into the site. Incorporate a smart search function that will find appropriate results even if a term is mistyped or misspelt. Gear everything to making life easy.

On your side of the equation, you need to consider business benefits that go far beyond simply selling products. Understanding your customers is crucial. Gathering user feedback before launch is useful in identifying areas for improvement, and once you are live, you must ensure you have all the data analytics capabilities you need to process the vast quantities of knowledge that your transactions will generate. Selling online means learning all the time and feeding those lessons into your marketing to build a promotional resource to help your ecommerce project grow and flourish. At Gradeon, we have many years’ experience in devising ecommerce solutions that give equal weight to customer experience and business utility. Ecommerce is massive and growing. It’s an important step for any business. Put your ecommerce web development in the hands of professionals.

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