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Creative infographic design has developed into a significant marketing resource in recent years. Infographics can be helpfully defined as images that represent and communicate information visually. The concept is far from new and its modern incarnation can be traced back to the late 18th century when businesses discovered the effectiveness of combining facts and figures with pie charts, bar graphs and rudimentary illustrations. Today, infographics are everywhere, from classrooms to hospitals, from railway stations to churches, from conferences to business presentations, on television and in newspapers. They are an excellent means of giving an overview or a simplified explanation of a complex process, of presenting data and summarizing reports and of providing instructions and guidance.

Marketing infographics can help to build awareness of your business brand and boost customer engagement. An infographic strategy could include visual representations of your company’s history and achievements, newsletters to deliver information about new products and services and valuable visual accompaniments to enhance the visibility of social media posts. Within the business environment, consultants routinely use infographics to clarify timelines and simplify industry-specific issues. It enables them to present data with clarity, visualise the key elements of client proposals and prepare easily digestible progress reports. As visual aids, infographics are frequently used in government public education campaigns and by educational and non-profit organisations for the dissemination of knowledge.

Qualities that infographics can bring to your business

  • Concise communication

    Concise communication
  • Authoritative voice

    Authoritative voice
  • Memorability

  • SEO responsiveness

    SEO responsiveness
  • Brand recognition

    Brand recognition
  • Embedded links

    Embedded links
  • Increased traffic

    Increased traffic
  • Easy tracking and analysis

    Easy tracking and analysis

Why you need an infographic design agency

Scientific studies suggest that the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Despite its many positives, the internet has created an information overload. Everything you ever wanted to know is accessible on your smartphone in bite-sized chunks. Even online news outlets alert you that you are about to embark on a 3-minute read, conscious of the pressures on your time and attention. The challenge for any business is to overcome the resistance of potential customers to long-form detailed blocks of explanatory prose when trying to communicate its message. Even the most artfully composed content can struggle to maintain interest.

Gradeon’s skills and experience as an infographic design agency can deliver all the benefits of this consistently effective marketing and analytic resource. Infographics are not simply eye-catching, informative and memorable, they are easily shareable which means they raise brand awareness and increase traffic to your site. Shareability also improves your search results rankings by persuading Google’s page rank algorithm to place you higher on its index. Links can be easily added which further improves your visibility, and tracking clicks and shares is simple with the right data analytics technology. The communication benefits of infographics are only the start: they carry extremely valuable extra functionality which can transform your marketing reach and capabilities.

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