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Now that more people interact with online services via their smartphones than on PCs, it has become essential to the strategy of any business to create digital experiences designed for optimal delivery on mobile devices. That means that websites are increasingly sidelined by app versions or in many cases apps that exist independently of any parent site. Where web design used to be king, it is now app design that rules.The two operating systems that have come to dominate the smartphone industry are of course Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. To capture the biggest piece of the market, it seems to make sense to develop apps that run on both systems.

However, this may not be the most effective use of your resources, partly because of what we know about the demographics of iPhone and Android users and partly because of Apple’s reputation for the pioneering of advanced features and new apps. iPhone users were identified in a CivicScience report as more likely to be affluent, urban professionals with higher educational qualifications, the kind of audience any tech company would target. In the UK, almost half of mobile users have iPhones. Meanwhile, iPhone app development has been shown to be much easier, faster and more flexible, resulting in exceptional scalability and user experience. A skilled iPhone app designer can give you the tools to engage with customers, access new markets and drive stronger growth.

What our iPhone app development can bring to your business

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    Increased brand visibility
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The Gradeon iOS program

In our role as an iPhone app development company, we use the latest Apple technology to design apps that not only look great but also provide powerful and sophisticated functionality. Although we recognise the aesthetic importance of attractive design, we prioritise the commercial aspect of app development and the imperative to create a truly intuitive experience. With every client, we take the time to listen to their individual needs and aims, understand the rigours and demands of the market and create bespoke solutions to exceed project expectations.

App downloads already exceed 204 billion every year, a 50% increase in five years. Worldwide, $120 billion is spent on paid-for apps, subscriptions and in-app purchases. Apps are no longer simply a way of doing business, they are an industry sector in their own right. We can help you devise a mobile strategy to encompass app design, deployment, marketing and support, which can integrate seamlessly with your business model. Whether yours is an established enterprise, a start-up or a creative agency seeking to outsource, Gradeon’s iPhone app development service equips you with all the advantages of the unrivalled Apple platform.

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