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The Internet of Things (IoT) has been long anticipated but only began to realise its potential in the last ten years. An early example of its application was a Coca Cola machine at Carnegie Melon University where local programmers used an internet connection to the machine to see if it was stocked with enough cold cans to make it worth a visit. That was in the 1980s. Today, the IoT is a system that employs technologies such as the internet, wireless communication and micro-electromechanical systems to connect a staggering range of devices all over the world. Anything with an on/off switch and sim-style connectivity can be part of the network – from agricultural equipment to heart monitors, from jet engines to home security, from freight fleets to refrigerators.

Not only does the IoT enable businesses to issue commands and disseminated information, but it also offers the facility to gather the kind of vital data that businesses have grown to rely on in understanding and anticipating market trends, monitoring customer experience and perfecting supply chains. Whether you are engaged in the production of tangible or digital products, it is now possible to replace traditional processes with smart, responsive practices in which production adapts to supply, demand, resources and data analytics. The Internet of Things brings the diversity of the world together for the benefit of customer needs, business growth and environmental sustainability.

Extra advantages of IoT connectivity

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    No roaming restrictions
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    Data privacy compliance
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    Multi-layered security
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    Automated service
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    Improved device lifespan
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    Reduced network latency
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    Rolling event log
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    Automatic data refresh

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Gradeon’s IoT solutions use state-of-the-art methods to manage a complex array of carrier integrations with globally consistent protocols and speeds using the most efficient cloud technology to maximise opportunities for business growth and expansion. We have formed fully collaborative partnerships with some of the most advanced IoT development companies in the world and can offer our clients a pioneering, low cost connective card which works with any device from 8-bit microcontrollers to cutting edge microprocessors to provide secure IoT connectivity. It serves as a secure pathway to carry your IoT data between devices and the hub. Using the versatile JSON data interchange format which is independent of any programming language, we can offer you reliable, secure device-to-cloud connection.

Working with an IoT app development company will give you the most flexible range of options to engage with the Internet of Things. In collaboration with our partners, we can provide alternatives to the public networks with high-speed, secure private models. These will give your business the capability to optimise remote working, global tracking and location services. A private network enables faster, more selective communications and differentiated levels of service quality. With flexible deployment options, seamless security integration and multi-site support, you can enjoy genuinely global reach in a world where the benefits of limitless connectivity for business growth are fast becoming the new reality.

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