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What is IT Infrastructure?

Technology has been responsible for the biggest quantum shifts in business practice since the Industrial Revolution. We’ve reached a point at which digital capabilities are the life blood of any successful business. But technology can be employed badly as well as wisely which is why it is not enough simply to adopt it: technology must be properly networked, organised, powered, supported and exploited to bring genuine benefits. This is at the heart of the concept of IT infrastructure: identifying business needs, matching the right digital solutions and embedding them seamlessly into your system.

With secure, reliable, flexible IT infrastructure, businesses can hit their targets and maintain a strong competitive edge. They can quickly develop and launch new products, collect data in real time, improve customer experience and increase employee performance. Get the structure wrong and the consequences can be serious, with disruptions and breaches causing communication, security and productivity problems. Designing the right infrastructure for a business is complicated, involving the optimal integration of a large number of separate but interdependent elements from the core groups of components: hardware and software. The hardware contains the processing power and user interface while the software manages the networking of applications and physical resources. It is a specialist area of management which frequently calls for the expertise of an IT infrastructure solution provider.

Creating the perfect IT infrastructure for your business

  • IT Infrastructure

    Codify business goals
  • IT Infrastructure

    Identify software solutions
  • IT Infrastructure

    Assess hardware requirements
  • IT Infrastructure

    Select platforms
  • IT Infrastructure

    Leverage the cloud
  • IT Infrastructure

    Plan for mobile
  • IT Infrastructure

    Provide staff training
  • IT Infrastructure

    Design and implement security

Different ways to build your IT infrastructure

Innovation and evolution has created complexity and choice: there are several ways to achieve your IT goals. A fairly recent development is the divergence from traditional infrastructure built from servers, data centres and networked desktop computers towards cloud infrastructure which replaces many of the physical requirements with internet storage and removes the need for onsite installation. Physical servers are connected through virtualisation, making resources available to users in any location with internet access. Both methods have their pros and cons of course.

A strictly in-house system is under your direct control but will probably require more investment in initial spend and maintenance. A cloud system is infinitely flexible and cheaper, but may have unique security issues and relies on the stability of the internet. Decisions about IT infrastructure for startups are particularly important because they will have a significant bearing on budgetary planning. Cloud hosting is an excellent way to keep costs down in the early days of trading and gives a business time to assess its longer-term needs. As a business grows, what may have been a suitable IT infrastructure for startups might no longer offer the capacity for specialisation that growth requires. Whatever your situation, the advice of an experienced IT infrastructure solution provider will be invaluable. Our consultants are ready to help you make the best choices to help your business grow.

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