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First impressions matter in business as in life, which is one of the many reasons why a corporate logo is so important. The consistency and integrity of your company’s visual identity on packaging, websites, stationery and advertising demonstrates the professionalism of your organisation. However, it’s important not to confuse your logo with the brand itself. Your brand is the combination of customer experience and perception, together with the quality and uniqueness of your product or service. Your logo is the visual expression of your brand identity, and as such, it represents everything you wish to be associated with your company. In some cases, such as the Nike swoosh, the image itself becomes so closely intertwined with the product that even the name is no longer necessary. The image becomes an icon, instantly recognisable around the world as a guarantee of quality and reliability.

Nike is an exception. The overwhelming majority of logos feature the company name. But the way in which the text is integrated with imagery really matters. The logo needs to be attractive, original and memorable because these are the qualities that will make it stand out until your brand strategy establishes the associations with your products which can take it to the next level. A well-designed logo supported by customer satisfaction becomes the embodiment of your offer, which makes it virtually priceless. A corporate logo need not be complex – in some ways simplicity is the best option, provided that it is executed with imagination and empathy for the company it represents. The fonts, colours and imagery of your logo will be the basis of your company’s entire livery, so it is important to choose well because if things go to plan, it will be your badge and your ambassador for years to come.

Essentials of logo design

  • Balance

  • Scalability

  • Colour selection

    Colour selection
  • Custom font

    Custom font
  • Character and tone

    Character and tone
  • Simplicity

  • Originality

  • Adaptability


Gradeon's corporate logo design service

Creating an effective corporate logo is not a simple task. It’s easy to mock up something passable with all the digital tools available but to produce something that adheres to the core, proven principles of the discipline, you need to employ the services of a business logo design company. At Gradeon, we combine marketing expertise and consultancy experience with extensive graphic design skills to create an arresting, memorable signifier which your company marketing and performance can then populate with meaning and value. If your logo is going to carry the weight of expectation and trust which will be at the heart of your business success, then it needs to be both powerful and appropriate. A cartoon fruit with a halo may work fine for a drinks company, but a digital telecoms consultancy probably needs a rather different look.

At Gradeon your corporate logo design is an entirely collaborative process, starting with a wide-ranging analysis of your business aims, values and culture. We will consult closely with you on how you see your company, how the market perceives you and what message you want your logo to convey. Effectively, we distil your narrative down to a single graphic in which every colour and line is carefully chosen in the service of that narrative. If you want to add an image to your company name we can devise one that will hold a customer’s attention long enough for it to become fixed in their memory. Our design skills can turn your vision into a clear, strong, unforgettable logo that will be your standard bearer for years to come.

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