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Mergers & Acquisitions

If you are looking to expand your business but do not have the inclination to wait for the regular trajectory of internal growth to do the job for you, then you will be looking at options for corporate restructuring. Probably the fastest method promising the most substantial short and long-terms gains is to move via mergers and acquisitions (M&A). This is not a step to be taken likely because it is one of the most significant events that any of the businesses involved will undergo, but if it is carried out successfully it results in the creation of a new entity which emerges with more combined value than the sum of what the constituent companies represented before the action.

In some sectors, competition is fiercer than in others, but the appetite for mergers and acquisitions is generally high because it enables companies to circumvent the uncertainties of organic growth with the faster, planned, inorganic kind. It is a considerable undertaking which will involve experts from several disciplines including lawyers, accountants and investment banks. Contracts must be drafted, audits conducted, forecasts made and funds raised. But throughout the process, there is no closer collaborator than a mergers and acquisitions consultant. An M & A consulting firm accompanies its client on every step of the process in what amounts to a project management role.

Functions of a mergers and acquisitions consultant

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    Due diligence & valuation
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    Risk assessment
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    Deal structuring
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    Inorganic growth planning
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    Synergy modelling
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    Tax structuring
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    Governance and continuity

Working with the Gradeon M & A consulting service

Every M&A deal is different. Although the core elements of the process are broadly the same, business structures and practices are more complex than ever which means that the outcomes of mergers and acquisitions can be hard to predict. An experienced consultancy will do everything in its power to achieve the ideal outcome but that means being able to anticipate and adapt using every inch of expertise as well as the skilful handling of data, digitalisation, analytics and technology. Every deal has the potential to change shape at any juncture, because of new information, changed circumstances or revised demands. Your consultant will manoeuvre past each and every one of these obstacles and keep the deal on course.

A mergers and acquisitions consultant is unique amongst the specialist contributors to the project. Lawyers, accountants and bankers have discrete roles in defined areas of expertise. The consulting firm invests a great deal of time and energy in the process and is possibly as committed to its success as its client. At Gradeon, we take an holistic view with a hands-on approach to every aspect, including advice on stock issuance, valuation, underwriting, debt and equity financing, investment, personnel requirements, transfer of undertaking compliance and taxation issues. We are committed to making the journey as smooth as possible and achieving the best value for our clients. Our aim is to steer through a deal that continues to generate value long after the ink on the contract has dried.

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