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It won’t surprise you to hear that, according to Thomson Reuters, Microsoft is at the top of the list of 100 global technology leaders, ahead of Intel, Apple and IBM. For decades, Microsoft has dominated in the field of operating systems and although it has diversified substantially with acquisitions such as LinkedIn and Skype, it is for its core product that it is still best known, with a global market share of 73%. Today, Microsoft offers not only operating systems but also a substantial range of applications and development tools to enable the easy design and rapid deployment of world-class enterprise solutions.

The benefits of Microsoft software development are profound. Because it has focused for decades on developing integrated capabilities, it is now able to provide an unrivalled toolbox for the creation of business-driven applications which facilitate business integration, service-oriented architecture, advanced data analytics and web-based apps. Microsoft’s evolution reflects the way in which the boundaries between software, hardware and business practice have become so blurred as to lose any real meaning. The only business architecture that makes sense is a holistic one where equal weight is given to domain and business expertise, emerging technologies and state-of-the-art IT. The Microsoft offer encompasses all of these essentials.

Benefits of Microsoft software development

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    Web applications
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    Mobile applications
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    Systems integration
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    Multiple programming languages
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    Support Services
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    Data analytics
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    Cloud computing

Microsoft software development from Gradeon

As a Microsoft development company, we work in close consultation with our clients to develop secure, high-performance applications which substantially enhance business value. We can deliver solutions for digital transformation as well as new business projects, including but by no means limited to infrastructure optimisation, business process automation, data management, business intelligence, collaborative portal development, development of custom applications and the integration of systems. Our team has extensive experience with Microsoft products such as its cloud database service Azure SQL, its open-source cross-platform web app development tool .Net Core, and its cloud computing platform Microsoft Azure.

We can transform your company’s approach to collaborative work and file sharing with Microsoft’s pioneering SharePoint and Office 365 solutions, which make even the most remote but valuable data, accessible and transparent. We will use Microsoft’s ever-expanding suite of cognitive AI services such as face recognition, emotional analysis and both text and video search capabilities to provide you with interactive applications that integrate with pre-existing natural user inputs. Our consultancy and advisory services will keep you fully up-to-date with developments in the Microsoft service offer and enable you to derive the maximum benefit for your business. Together we will devise and implement a plan for your future.

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