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Business users and consumers alike are used to thinking of software in terms of its proprietary identity – ubiquitous closed source or proprietary software such as Windows, Microsoft Office and Adobe which are first choice destinations for the majority of users. But there is a whole world of alternative tools in the open source community. Proprietory software restricts access to its source code so that only the company that created it or owns it can alter it. The proprietor charges a not inconsiderable price for a licence to use the software. By contrast, open source software makes its source code available to anyone who wishes to use it. Some conditions may apply, but they are negligible in their effect. There are huge numbers of software programs of all kinds available for download and many of them compare extremely well to their proprietary equivalents in terms of performance, stability, ease of use and security.

Open source software development is a remarkable example of community co-operation. One of the features of the free access to the source code is that anyone with the skills to do so can alter and improve the software for their own use, but they are also encouraged to share those improvements with other users for the benefit of all. It has echoes of the collaborative principles of peer review, whereby the sum of knowledge is contributed to by anyone who is willing and able. The difference is that the open source model promotes practical change. Some businesses are committed to the exclusive use of proprietary software but they would be wise to follow the example of many others, who appreciate the benefits of open source. At Gradeon we are highly experienced in both.

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Cost and accessibility are not the only advantages of open source software. The level of control it offers is significant, because it allows a programmer to inspect the code and make sure it is doing only what it’s supposed to do, not interfering with or modifying other programs or settings. If a problem is identified, the code can be adjusted accordingly. Even users without programming skills benefit from the freedom to use the software for any purpose and not be constrained by the creators’ parameters. Open source is also an effective way of developing programming skills, because it invites you to look under the bonnet and become your own mechanic.

The community character of open source software also makes it arguably more secure, because every user is a de factor tester and therefore able to identify errors, omissions and weaknesses. Once identified, these flaws can then be far more quickly and easily fixed without going through a complex command chain. Ultimately, what open source software development provides is freedom and flexibility. It is endlessly customisable and therefore a supremely enabling tool in the construction of bespoke applications and integration solutions. The internet itself was built with open source software including Linux and Apache. Let Gradeon help your business to maximise the possibilities of digital transformation through the liberating power of open source software.

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