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Operational Strategy & Transformation

You have the vision, energy and commitment to make your business work. But there will be times when you may struggle to find the operational capabilities to match. Your aspirations for growth are being impeded by systems and processes which have lost some of their effectiveness or have not adapted to the changing business environment or are simply held back by the weight of legacy. That is when you need to take a long, hard look at your business strategy planning in order to reimagine your operations, reconfigure your resources and empower your business to capture every new opportunity for growth. This is a root-and-branch process which means looking at every aspect of your operation with fresh eyes and a ruthless commitment to the power of transformation.

This kind of company-wide re-evaluation of the relationship between methods and goals is a key component of corporate strategy planning. Unlike annual budgeting and the kind of routine planning which comes around with the regularity of the calendar, this is an opportunity for a fundamental rewriting of your company rules, a redefinition of your vision and how to achieve it designed to embrace and include every level of your organisation. Done badly, this kind of transformation can be traumatic and divisive for some if not all of the people it touches but done well, it binds the company together with shared focus, motivation and direction.

How operational transformation can help your business

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    Cross-operation diagnostics
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    Future state design
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    Employee engagement
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    Change and sustainability
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    Increased productivity
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    Integrated operations
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    Improved procurement
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    Optimised supply chains

Working with an operation strategy consultant

This is the ideal way to develop an operational strategy to effect fundamental and meaningful transformation. It will involve modifications in your company’s culture by building on what is valuable and jettisoning those elements that constrain performance. But it goes far beyond these philosophical concerns to address concrete practicalities such as the development of existing digital resources and the adoption of new ones: cognitive solutions such as AI and automation as well as agile, cost-effective cloud-based technology. It will assess the potential impacts on economies of scale, customisation, market penetration, supply chain efficiency and customer experience.

Corporate strategy planning begins with an analysis of where your business sits in the market, its status relative to the competition and external factors that may affect it now and in the future, whether legal, social, political, environmental or technological. Next, it is important to set overarching goals and priorities along with the optimal means of achieving them. From there, the process moves through the communication network in order to make the process consistent throughout the organisation and create a spirit of collaborative commitment which offers both certainty and motivation to all members of the workforce. Gradeon can bring you the benefit of our years of experience in providing operation strategy consultant services. We have served many clients who have experienced extraordinary growth and expansion as a result of the transformative measures we have helped them to implement.

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