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People & Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the many innovations that is revolutionising businesses across every sector. Its ambitious aims are now being realised in software technology that makes it easy to automate a vast range of administrative tasks and liberate employees from mundane activities so they can put their skills and talents to much more productive use. Developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) mean that software users can use RPA technology to create ‘bots’ which can not only carry out rules-based processes but can also learn as they do so, developing capabilities beyond their original programming.

This kind of machine learning leads to valuable efficiencies as bots are enabled to interact with systems and applications with the same level of engagement as humans, but much more quickly and with unfailing precision. And a bot is working 24 hours a day. Meanwhile, the employees who previously had responsibility for these vital but time-consuming functions are free to invest their ideas, time and energies in the furtherance of the goals of the business. RPA development is a means of making work more human by interposing an intelligent digital workforce between onerous business processes and the people who were previously relied on to carry them out.

Key benefits of RPA

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    Cloud-based technology
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    Cost-efficient automation
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    Extreme reliability
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    Regulatory compliance
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    Minimal infrastructure costs
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    Low maintenance

Gradeon's RPA partnership

Every business can derive enormous benefit from the skills and resources of an RPA developer and at Gradeon, we have established a partnership which can deliver a truly comprehensive RDA development service. The adoption of this AI solution is spreading rapidly, with over 1,400 organisations already using it to scale their automation programs. The results are self-evident, with operational costs falling, customer satisfaction rising and employee morale significantly on the increase. Businesses that are embracing RPA are seeing positives in every area, and all of this is achieved without sacrificing performance. In fact, error rates have been reduced to near-zero, an achievement once seen as an ideal and now experienced as a reality.

We provide RPA solutions to clients all over the world in a range of industry sectors including healthcare, technology, financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, insurance and logistics. Instead of a centralised RPA model, we have developed an innovative structure within which each employee has their own digital assistant, making automation infinitely scalable across the workforce. Employees have been newly empowered by this easy access to RPA across all platforms, applications and devices. It represents a valuable addition to the provisions of Enterprise 2019 which delivers RPA-as-a-service. If you want to improve productivity, cut costs, save time, eliminate human error and motivate your workforce, then RPA is the way forward.

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