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Competition for visibility online has never been fiercer. Now that online retailing is maturing into a major part of the consumer economy, businesses recognise that reaching the widest possible market is simultaneously, essential, feasible and difficult. Arguably the most vigorously pursued method is search engine optimisation (SEO), which, if managed, successfully can win you a place at the top of the ranking results on that crucial first page. The intricacies and challenges of SEO are too extensive to discuss here but it is certainly the single most effective below-the-line form of online marketing available. A powerful above-the-line method of getting your message to potential customers is pay-per-click (PPC).

PPC is not an alternative to SEO but can be easily incorporated into a broad-based marketing plan. One of the advantages of PPC is that its timescale is under your control. Seeing results from SEO will not be immediate because being found by the web crawlers and making it into search engine indexes takes time. PPC is a form of advertising in which the advertiser is charged only when a web user clicks on their advertisement. The advertising spend is therefore much better targeted than traditional, more speculative forms of advertising and its results are more easily analysed. Any business seriously considering this approach will get the best results by using a pay per click management company.

Pay-per-click resources

  • Google ads

    Google ads
  • Bing ads

    Bing ads
  • Paid social

    Paid social
  • Feed optimisation

    Feed optimisation
  • PPC audits

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  • Display ads

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  • Remarketing

  • Programmatic display

    Programmatic display

Working with a PPC agency

Many businesses are tempted to mount their own inhouse PPC campaigns and it is not impossible to do this effectively using the guidance of online tutorials. However, PPC management is a specialised skill which involves a great deal more than simply creating the ads, booking the ad space and leaving the campaign to run itself. Specialist input is advisable at every stage, from clarifying the aims of a campaign, identifying the most suitable platforms and sites, and designing the ads right through implementation to the constant monitoring of results and assessment of any necessary amendments to the content or the strategy.

A Google Ad agency may be a good place to start, since the search giant still dominates the PPC market, but ideally you need the services of an all-round pay per click management company such as Gradeon. Our precision in content and design, the selection of keywords, ad placement, measurement of impressions and penetration testing guarantee that every penny of your budget is well-spent. We can take over the management of the whole process, saving you money and time. We will use our expertise in every variant of PPC advertising to identify the best platforms for your products or services, maximise the reach of your budget, and deliver exceptional results. Using data-driven intelligence, technology and creativity, we can help you develop a cost-effective, high-performing paid-for marketing campaign.

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