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Website design is still a specialised skill. Despite the proliferation of templates available from open-source services such as WordPress, for a truly unique combination of look and functionality, there is no substitute for the creation of a bespoke design for your business site across all platforms from desktops to smartphones. At first glance, it might seem that a web designer fulfils the same role as a graphic designer but this is not entirely true. While both are concerned with the creation of powerful graphics, effective typography and arresting images to communicate ideas and information, a graphic designer has no need to think about any of the special conditions that apply when marrying graphics with website technology.

A website designer will, in many cases, be an HTML developer, with the knowledge and skills to turn designs into a website using coding languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. However, there is an alternative if you are using the services of a web designer whose range does not extend to these mechanics. You can employ a designer to create the look and layout with detailed mock-ups in Photoshop (PSD) then use a developer to code these designs with HTML and create from them a functioning website. One of the advantages of this approach is that the designer is never constrained in their creativity by a sense of what they know or believe to be possible. A design unfettered by practicalities can yield great new ideas which it then falls to the developer to realise and in some unavoidable circumstances, rein in.


  • Creative freedom

    Creative freedom
  • Cost-effective development

    Cost-effective development
  • W3C compliance

    W3C compliance
  • Multiple browser accessibility

    Multiple browser accessibility
  • Pixel perfect design

    Pixel perfect design
  • SEO optimisation

    SEO optimisation
  • Fast loading

    Fast loading
  • Distinct Business Identity

    Distinct Business Identity

Reap the Rewards of PSD to HTML with Gradeon

PSD to HTML is a web development workflow which has been an important part of the process of web design for many years. The Photoshop Document files which the designer creates enable you to see exactly what your finished website will look like. Other image processing tools can be used but PSD is the industry favourite. Once you have the look you want, you can engage a PSD to HTML developer such as Gradeon to perform the conversion, adding interactive features, links, buttons and responsive design. This remains one of the most effective ways of building a website from scratch as it draws on the skills of two specialist areas in the service of one vision.

As an experienced PSD to HTML developer, Gradeon can bring multiple benefits. Your site will be truly unique because it does not rely on off-the-peg templates; it will be fully customisable because it is not limited by rigid themes; the code is your own which guarantees flexibility, autonomy and security; it can be optimised for all browsers; amendments can be made without causing major structural effects. Even with the proliferation of services such as WordPress, Wix and WebFlow, two thirds of websites do not use a content management service (CMS) but are custom-made. With PSD to HTML, your website can achieve exceptional design and functionality, the perfect combination for your online presence.

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