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The majority of online engagement today occurs on mobile devices, primarily smartphones. While it is a practical impossibility for any business to operate without a website optimised for desktop or laptop, mobile platforms have become dominant. The challenge for any business is to develop a presence on mobiles that is every bit as easy and appealing to use as the desktop version. There are three ways of achieving this: create a stand-alone mobile site, employ adaptive design, or follow the route of responsive design.

The first two options have much to recommend them but they also require significant ongoing maintenance. One of the strengths of responsive website development is that it uses the parent website but enables it to recognise and adjust to the parameters of the device on which it is being viewed. The pages of a single design are thus rendered in the ideal form for the medium, across a variety of screen sizes and formats: images and text resize, margins and menus adapt, layouts and graphics simplify. Every addition or amendment you make instantly updates to the various formats, keeping your site looking perfect.

What Responsive Design can do for You

  • Fast loading

    Fast loading
  • Optimised UX

    Optimised UX
  • SEO friendly

    SEO friendly
  • Easy to implement

    Easy to implement
  • Lower maintenance

    Lower maintenance
  • Cost-efficient

  • Higher conversion rates

    Higher conversion rates
  • Offline browsing

    Offline browsing

Responsive Website Development from Gradeon

We have considerable experience in working with clients to solve the challenge of cross-platform optimisation. As a responsive web design company, we recognised early on that the changing habits of internet users would drive the technology of web design and we developed our service accordingly, using HTML and CSS for maximum flexibility. When building a site from scratch, we start from the principle of ‘mobile first’ to ensure the best experience for mobile users and scale up from there to larger screens where it is possible to introduce more intricate elements without diluting the mobile model. If our client needs an existing site that works well on a desktop to be repurposed for mobile devices then the process is reversed.

If you ever come across a site that has not been designed for mobile use you will know it instantly. Text may be jumbled or too small to read, images will be out of alignment, and finding any useful information could take forever. Because of this, businesses used to create and maintain two independent versions of one website but the time and resources this demanded made little economic sense. With the growth in the ease and sophistication of responsive design, that practice is almost entirely obsolete. Responsive websites are easy to use, fast to load and – crucially – they perform extremely well on search engine rankings because of the preferential treatment given to them by the likes of Google. Unlock the full potential of the mobile market with Gradeon’s responsive website development service.

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