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Now that the internet is fully mature and digital technology is central to every business strategy, getting noticed is essential for success but the means of achieving it have altered beyond recognition. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art of adapting and modifying your website so that Google, Bing and other engines will include it in their top-ranked results. With billions of web pages to search, this might sound like an impossible task. SEO itself is the subject of something like 21 million pages.

Many years ago it was thought that the way to get noticed was to select the keywords most appropriate to your area of activity and stuff your website with them. The greater the density the higher the likelihood of coming out on top. If this was ever true it certainly hasn’t been for a very long time. Search engines pour huge resources into ongoing programmes of development with the aim of refining their services to optimise the user experience. The emergence of mobile devices as the dominant platform for carrying out searches has changed the game even more. Google has been leading the way and with good reason: a brand that spawned a verb needs to maintain its reputation and, ultimately, it’s only as good as its results.

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Working with a professional SEO consultant

The skills involved in effective SEO are many and varied but you need to start with a website that is designed to benefit your users. Arranging your content, page structure and internal links in a logical, navigable way will help search engines find, understand and evaluate your site. Getting your site into Google’s index is important but this can take time for a new launch and it will help if the design makes sense and you can arrange backlinks from other sites. A local SEO consultant can assist you in building a site map which alerts engines to new or updated pages on your site, giving pages titles that accurately describe their content and including what are known as meta-tags or brief descriptions are all effective ways to get found.

There are many more elements of website construction that can help and Google offers plenty of other tools including Google Search Console and Google Business Profile as well as Google My Business which is great for boosting visibility, especially at a local level. Is SEO simple? No. Is it essential? Yes. Have you got the time to do it properly? Probably not, which is why you should think seriously about working with a Gradeon professional SEO consultant to find out how we can help you get seen and attract valuable new business.

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