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Social media marketing: the essential channel for every business

Every business needs to understand the importance of social media in connecting with customers, building relationships and establishing its brand – not through the old model of monolithic advertising campaigns but by holding genuine two-way conversations. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a well-established and proven means of generating customer traffic and not only increasing profits but also understanding more about your customers’ preferences, habits, expectations and reactions. It is based on the simple principle of organic search which dictates that when a website or any social network pages connected with it increases its activity, the website becomes more visible and its search rankings will rise.

Now that the internet is populated with billions of pages all fighting for attention, getting to the top of the rankings is essential. 90% of users never look beyond the first page of search results and the vast majority of those only look at the first three or four listings. Harnessing the inherent connectivity of websites and social media is an extremely effective way of trying to jump this hurdle. It is a project that has no end because if you take your eye off the ball a competitor will score instead. Social Media Marketing is for good.

How to market your business to the world

  • SMM

    Managed social media accounts
  • SMM

    Monitoring of social media trends
  • SMM

    Backlinks and crosslinks
  • SMM

    Image optimisation
  • SMM

    Search performance assessment
  • SMM

    Analytics software
  • SMM

    Optimised scheduling of posts
  • SMM

    Sourcing brand advocates

Should you use a social media marketing agency?

The main aims of SMM are to open up lines of communication with customers, increase the visibility of your brand and attract more business. To do this, you need to create high-quality content that followers on twitter, Facebook or Instagram will feel motivated to share with other users. Sharing means activity which helps your rankings but it also means that more and more people are hearing about you. The exponential benefits of this can be immense. But social media marketing isn’t just about peppering the internet with smart one-liners and glossy images, it’s about engagement, feedback and influence.

You’re not only promoting your business, but you’re also learning from your customers and the data you receive from them will be invaluable in planning future strategies. With great content, your social media posts will encourage your target audience to follow you and listen to your message. They will attract visitors to your website in ever greater numbers. Social media without powerful content is just loud, empty noise. Many businesses will use a social media marketing agency to manage their social media accounts. These operations provide a good service up to a point but there is no substitute for the marketing skills of a full service social media agency that has the technical know-how to exploit the algorithmic architecture behind the search engines. For a comprehensive service look no further than Gradeon.

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