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User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are the two inseparable elements of any application. Now that the main platform for internet use around the world is the mobile phone, apps have assumed centre stage. For any UI UX design company, this has been the perfect gift but can be too easy for creative imaginations to run away with the possibilities of the UI and neglect the UX which is probably the more important of the two. As Steve Jobs said, ‘Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works.’

That has always been true and it applies as much to armchairs and aeroplanes as it does to apps. A simple, logical user interface is always a good idea – that has been proven beyond a doubt by website development over the years. With mobile apps this is even more important because on the screen of a smartphone clarity and simplicity are essential. Any respectable UI UX design company will understand this. An app should not try to replace a website but endeavour to replicate the functionality of the site in a way that makes it easy and appealing to navigate. Shrinking a website to the size of a mobile screen is a disastrous idea. Creating a new mobile-friendly experience is essential.

Make your users' interface and experience work in harmony

  • UI UX

    Understand your market
  • UI UX

    Know what your users are looking for
  • UI UX

    Remember design is for use
  • UI UX

    Clarify every function of the app
  • UI UX

    Anticipate user error and build in fixes
  • UI UX

    Don’t be different for the sake of it
  • UI UX

    Avoid pop-ups and banners
  • UI UX

    Always invite feedback

Working with a user experience design agency

Ease of use will certainly help the user to engage with the app but that is only the beginning. Mobile UX focuses on the user’s subjective experience when using the app and UX design needs to consider and anticipate the possibility of both good and bad user reactions as well as the level of their emotional engagement. While UI is entirely concerned with graphic design and therefore confines itself to superficially attractive elements, UX is concerned with giving the user an experience that is above all useful but also enjoyable, easy to use, accessible, navigable and trustworthy.

In the context of user experience design agency wisdom is founded on very sound principles that put the user first. For example, ground-breaking, award-winning graphic design is all very well, but apps are functional animals. That means that sometimes being too different isn’t advisable. Users become familiar with certain common features and functions in apps. A UI UX design company would be wise to consider following those patterns. Our consultants are highly experienced in the field of UI and UX design and we are ready to advise you on the crucial ‘dos’ and don’ts’ you need to observe in app development.

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