Supplier Assessments

Outsourcing has evolved from hosting your infrastructure in third party data centres under self or fully managed services to cloud technology and services.

Many are now willing to upload their business data and capabilities to trusted organisations as the norm, its an accepted form of operating and risk. Whereas with Cloud, whilst a growing industry, many organisations are unwilling or unable to quantify associated risks of cloud concepts.

Either way it’s important for organisations to perform regular and informative assessments to reduce risk to their business before they engage and during the lifetime of the service. Predominantly this is not just common sense it’s a compliance requirement.

Developing a lean affordable and digestible function of due diligence and evaluation requires fresh thinking and automation. Often service management teams are too busy and have little to no formal training for carrying out such assessments.

A significant portion of security breaches can be directly attributable to 3rd party business partners such as hosting providers, web developers, payment providers, outsourced call centres, managed service providers and more. The point is can you answer this question ‘How secure are your business partners’?

Gradeon’s substantiated expertise in the assessment and management of external supplier risk has been proven to help protect our clients in two respects:

  1. Ensure function, data and processes are secure
  2. Ensure the technology/service is adaptable, scalable and strategic for your business.

Many organisations through poor planning or mis-information on-board technology and services which following security reviews and compliance requirements needs complete replacement.

Its important too to ensure contractual obligations in terms of security and compliance are clearly documented and assigned as part of the services agreement.

Make sure you have an intelligent 3rd party asset list with mapped controls and security measures to ensure compliance from the beginning.

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