Why Gradeon

  • We are independent, vendor agnostic consultants, specialising in transformation, IT change, information security, governance, risk and compliance. We provide alignment to enterprise risk a tactical, benefits orientated approach to obtain the all-important value add of your investment.
  • Our expertise is in taking on the difficult challenges that matter to our clients and providing realistic and progressive strategies. Our unrivalled knowledge coupled with a focused discipline, allow us to address problems that others are struggling with, obtaining executive sponsorship and support, transforming the organisational culture to embrace a controlled business operation, without the usual compliance strangleholds.
  • We offer a unique framework approach for meeting Information Security and Compliance (specifically in the areas of Information Security, Privacy and Financial regulations).
  • We deliver today‚Äôs leading organisation a vision and framework that maps compliance requirements to their business short and long term goals.
  • With our unique framework we deliver compliant solutions to organisations providing an affordable Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • We provide staff to clients on a full-time basis, covering both short and long-term skill shortages in both technical and management.
  • We offer web-based and video training programmes to train staff on compliance and security, reporting and monitoring their performance.

In summary, as a trusted advisor, Gradeon enables your business to formulate an effective strategy to achieve and manage your ongoing business change, governance and risk portfolio. Gradeon achieves this by helping you to evolve and refine your business operations to meet and maintain compliance, whilst supporting your key performance indicators, thus enhancing growth potential and bottom line profit.