Gradeon Consulting

We are in the business of improving customer and end user experience, operational performance and costs for our clients.

We are a dynamic team of multi-versed consultants dedicated to bringing the benefits of our extensive knowledge to our clients. We are advocates of improving the experience of users, processes, hybrid supplier/partner set-ups and ability for organisations to flourish through meaningful and effective change strategies.

Improving existing set-ups, providing roadmaps to new capabilities or interim support, we provide advice on delivering effective change and transformation, data security, corporate governance, and regulatory compliance.

With unrivalled experience, executive sponsorship and support, we build your pathway to realising exceptional growth and profitability.

  • Work List
    Optimising hybrid
  • Work List
    Power of Automation
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    IoT – Secure
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    Real-time data,
    all functions

Our Consulting Services

With our growing network of savvy consultants we specialise in optimising your business data, processes and tech. We make it work for you, your customers and partners.

  • IT Strategy

    Strengthen your organisation leadership with Gradeon’s effective IT Strategies

  • Programme Management

    Get remote consultancy support, where it’s needed at a lower cost with highly qualified mentoring resources, and deployment methodologies

  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

    Higher productivity, increased performance, and reduced operating costs through power of automation

  • Data Management

    The use case for data modelling helps to Identify gaps, missed requirements, and fix problems before actual implementation, communicate effectively within and across your functional foot print

  • Advanced Analytics

    Understand the market scenario and be the first to make the changes in the process to capitalise on

  • Reforming Relationships

    Reforming Relationships Improve the culture of your organisation and promote creativity, interdepartmental communication and team motivation

  • Cyber Security

    Managing Risk and Cyber Security helps you to protects your valuable company assets against cyber attacks, keep your business active during unforeseen circumstances or emergencies

  • Compliance Obligations

    Managed compliance helps you to stay on top of obligations. Piece of mind knowing all your regulatory obligations are managed day by day

  • Training

    Helps you to identify skills and knowledge gaps, develop instructional material, and organise learning activities

Unlocking your potential with experience, expertise and excellence, Lets get Started!!


  • New Business Models

    We help start-ups to become established, high-profile businesses by identifying opportunities, developing business systems and leveraging digital technologies to launch innovative products and services.

  • Digital Transformation

    We devise strategies to upgrade your systems, improve your IT capabilities and reposition your business as a smart, versatile operation built to succeed in the digital economy.

  • Simplification and Savings

    We understand the immense value that small businesses contribute to the economy and we help them to maximise their efficiency, exceed their targets and pursue permanent growth.

  • M&A Integration

    We prepare your business environment to meet the challenges of both pre- and post-merger conditions, ensuring smooth transition, operational continuity and seamless integration.

  • Sustainability and Responsibility

    We set goals and provide a roadmap for the development of a program of environmental, social and health responsibilities to be embedded within your business practices.

  • Inspire Innovation

    We advise on strategies to create a culture of innovation based on vision, customer focus, employee motivation and reciprocal trust to inspire optimal performance and outcomes.

How We Work

We take a holistic approach to the transformation of your business. We assess every element of your business to transform it into a high-performing, rigorously compliant unit in which the contribution of every part works in harmony to serve your vision. Let us show you the power of transformation.

  • Strategy

    We examine your goals, assess your capabilities, consider new solutions and agree the principles to guide your future.

  • Design

    We devise a detailed programme of technological solutions, digital innovation, human resources and creative new business practices.

  • Build

    We evaluate, test and implement new systems in consultation with management and collaboration with employees, including full training and support.

  • Operate

    We ensure all new provisions are bedded in and your organisation has the necessary skills and support to drive the business forward.

Client Industries

  • Banking
  • Health Care
  • Insurance
  • Retail Industry
  • Government Institution
  • Logistic
  • Entertainment
  • Transportation

We have assisted businesses from diverse verticals to succeed. Feel free to connect with us for a detailed understanding of how we can help you


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