Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity Training

It is impossible to overstate the importance of cybersecurity in every sphere of modern commerce, manufacturing and services. The potential for costly leaks and hacks in the financial sector is already well understood but every business of any size is vulnerable and should be alert to the possibility of becoming a target for cyber criminals or a number among the statistics of accidental data leaks. Solid defences are offered by software and automation but these alone will not be sufficient without fully trained and conversant employees who can deploy, use and manage these resources to their full capacity.

At Gradeon, we have seen how businesses which believe themselves to be fully protected have nonetheless suffered through the mismatch of cyber security measures and employee knowledge. That is why we offer a comprehensive cybersecurity training programme developed in collaboration with expert partners and beta-testing clients.

We provide corporate training consultants to educate and brief staff at all levels from the board room to the warehouse. Security breaches can occur in any part of the corporate machinery and criminals will tend to locate the easiest way in. That is why we strongly advise taking a fully holistic view that treats your company as a single organism and works to create an entire culture that is enlightened, enabled and prepared.

The role of the learning and development consultant is central to our service. Our L&D professionals provide training that is fully scalable across your workforce, whether concentrated locally or spread across international sites. We teach practical, empirical and experiential lessons in best practice and behavioural change to re-educate and upskill your employees so they are knowledgeable about not just the dangers but also the solutions.

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  • Financial security

    Financial security
  • Workforce enablement

    Workforce enablement
  • Customer trust

    Customer trust
  • Effective use of security software

    Effective use of security software
  • Continuous learning

    Continuous learning
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    Regulatory compliance
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    Third-party protection
  • Anticipatory capability

    Anticipatory capability

The Gradeon Method

The Gradeon programme involves the use of simulations, diagnostics and real-time drills conducted online or in-person through skills sessions and masterclasses. However, we understand that every business is unique and while there are certain imperatives and invariables, there is no single set of solutions. Our corporate training consultants will take the time to understand the visions and values of your business as well as its culture. This enables them to assess the appropriateness or otherwise of your current solutions, identify potential vulnerabilities and determine the best company-specific means of providing comprehensive training.

We also recognise the need for a permanent cycle of training. Even the most detailed expertise can atrophy, especially if it is not tested in real life, so personnel will benefit from refresher courses to update that which they have previously learned and to be kept informed on changes in policy and practice.

Not every member of staff will require the same level of teaching. Those with explicit responsibility for security issues will of course be the focus of any training programme. Nevertheless, enabling all staff to participate by raising their awareness of threats and of the most effective defences and procedures is an essential part of maintaining the highest level of protection. Despite the ingenuity of hackers, human error remains the most common cause of data breaches. Not only can these avoidable incidents have severe financial consequences but they can also cause significant reputational damage. Staff awareness and the provision of effective security are vital, but everything else comes down to education. A well-trained workforce will not only remember that message but will have the skills to support all practical measures to prevent leaks and hacks.

We have assisted businesses from diverse verticals to succeed. Feel free to connect with us for a detailed understanding of how we can help you.

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