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Every business has its own specific goals but with the rapid growth of digital technology new, universally applicable priorities have emerged: process excellence and workflow automation. These may just sound like fashionable buzzwords but they represent practices that are essential for business growth and customer satisfaction. Digital transformation may not immediately sound relevant to your business but a culture of continuous development is one that every enterprise needs to adopt. As technology delivers ever more sophisticated tools for collecting and analysing data it’s vital not to get left behind.

Business process automation (BPA) is the key to getting started. Put simply, BPA means the adoption of business automation software solutions to execute recurring, repetitive, routine tasks or processes and remove the need for manual involvement. This is not to downgrade the importance of such tasks, merely to find a new approach that improves efficiency and frees up the time of valuable employees to concentrate on more productive work. Unlike business process management, which is concerned with the management of complex processes across the entire organisation, BPA focuses on the gains that can be achieved by applying automation to discrete functions, thereby maximising resources, minimising waste and improving accountability, transparency and accuracy.

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Automation is the key to efficiency, growth and customer satisfaction

  • Process Automation

    Minimise manual admin
  • Process Automation

    Simplify communication
  • Process Automation

    Automate routine processes
  • Process Automation

    Optimise transparency
  • Process Automation

    Improve responsiveness
  • Process Automation

    Enhance customer service
  • Process Automation

    Speed up supply chains
  • Process Automation

    Kickstart your digital transformation

Working with an automation solutions company

What types of functions should you seek to transform with process automation? Your system of procurement and purchase orders is an obvious one, where an internal chain of communication can break down at any one of several links, leading to delays, errors, incomplete or inaccurate records and ultimately a negative impact on productivity. Employee onboarding and training is another area where labour-intensive practices consume time and resources. The administrative tasks required involve the processing of huge quantities of paperwork as well as complex scheduling.

The opportunities for error and omission are considerable but working with an automation solutions company can deliver automation to ensure smooth transitions, good communication and fast progression. There are many other areas where you could benefit from process automation, such as invoicing and payroll, system backups, help desk support and lead nurturing. Any operation that is time-sensitive, relies on compliance and audit trails, requires several employees for its execution or involves a high volume of administrative tasks is ripe for process automation. Let Gradeon talk you through the many benefits and get your business on the road to process excellence and digital transformation.

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