RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the most remarkable achievements of the expanding field of artificial intelligence. However, there is a level of resistance to it that is sustained by a belief that automation is inevitably a destroyer of jobs. Any RPA consultant will tell you that this is simply a science fiction dystopia largely entertained by those who are not yet familiar with the immense operational advantages RPA can bring to every business. Certainly it has a significant role to play in cost savings, but only the most short-sighted of employers would see no further than the pound signs. Far from being a tool of displacement and redundancy, RPA can be an empowering and enabling key that unlocks the potential in a company’s workforce, improving morale and job satisfaction as well as efficiency and productivity.

It is a truism worth repeating that a company’s greatest resource is its employees. Because the technology is maturing quickly, RPA can now be used to provide a highly sophisticated intelligent digital workforce which is inserted at the lowest administrative level. It can take on the routine, mundane work currently consuming the time of humans whose stifled creativity and energy can be freed to benefit the entire organisation. Instead of matching orders and invoices, checking data or performing lengthy manual entry, your employees can be using uniquely human abilities to improve your company’s performance. At the same time, the accuracy of digital workers leads to better compliance, lower rates of error and improved audit trails.

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Some of the operational benefits of RPA

  • Lower costs

    Lower costs
  • Increased productivity

    Increased productivity
  • Scalability

  • Employee motivation

    Employee motivation
  • Talent attraction

    Talent attraction
  • Error reduction

    Error reduction
  • Data compliance

    Data compliance
  • Future-proofing


Working with a business process automation consultant

The implications of RPA for scalability in growth and productivity as well as the competitive edge it can give you in the pursuit of the very best professional talent should not be under-estimated. While your digital workforce is on duty 24 hours a day, providing the kind of swift, infallible back room support you could only have dreamed of in the past, your newly liberated employees can be assigned to infinitely more meaningful roles, each one of them with a digital assistant at their disposal. The environment thus created becomes a far more attractive one for those in the talent pool looking for a new job. Your clerical bots keep bottlenecks from accumulating while your staff provide improved customer service and deliver new projects with energy and dedication. Who wouldn’t want to work here?

RPA has already been widely adopted across industry sectors with over 1400 organisations seeing the benefits of this AI solution in managing and scaling process automation. Engaging a business process automation consultant is the simplest way of giving your business access to those same benefits. Gradeon works in close partnership with RPA specialists to provide a ground-breaking platform which is transforming the operations of companies in the financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, telecoms, logistics, manufacturing, technology and insurance industries all over the world. RPA gives you resilience, flexibility, scalability and administrative support that is virtually error-free. Meanwhile, your highly motivated employees are busy enjoy the freedoms that RPA has bestowed as well as the matchless support it provides. Gradeon can bring this extraordinary technological resource into the heart of your business. Just ask us how.

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