Why The Internet of Things Matters

The Internet of Things (IOT) is destined to play a huge part in our future lives. For business, it represents a revolution in the way organisations can gather information, insights and data to achieve quantum leaps forward in their efficiency. Billions of devices around the world are connected to the internet and ultimately to each other through the use of sensors and global wireless networks.

Cardiac patients are fitted with heart sensors, farmers use sensors to direct irrigation systems, industrial plants monitor safety issues, entire cities use sensors to manage traffic. Nothing is too big or too small to be included. IOT’s capabilities are versatile and far-reaching enough to make it indispensable in manufacturing, public safety, health, retail, transport, construction and even in the arts and the domestic environment.

Together with this remarkable new functionality comes a massive wave of data, which brings with it vast new knowledge – and knowledge, of course, is power. The gulf between the projected and the real has always been a big one for businesses to close but now the solution is within our grasp. We are witnessing the dawn of a genuinely smart world, where the digital and physical environments merge.

What We Do

Making the IOT Work for You

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    We ensure you get the best connectivity to give you the fullest access 24/7
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    Our bespoke approach means we design your IOT interface in full consultation with you
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    We advise on the most efficient methods of gathering and analysing data
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    We provide expert training and support both before and after going live
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    We protect your systems with the most sophisticated, cutting edge security measures
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    We are completely unaffiliated with any manufacturer so our advice is genuinely independent
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    We are dedicated to providing unbeatable service at unbeatable prices
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    The Gradeon team has many years of experience to help us answer your questions before you ask them

What the Internet of Things Means for Your Business

Every business should be making plans to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity for learning more about its customers, its market and the performance of its own systems. Instead of relying on the kind of static digital information found in spreadsheets, it’s now possible, thanks to the IOT, to collect data that reflects conditions and events in the real world. Businesses can discover what’s happening and exercise control over it.

Gradeon is your perfect partner for the implementation and integration of the Internet of Things into your business. Every IOT device contains a smart sensor with collects data and transmits it to an IP network. What we provide is the means of connection by establishing an interface between the broad network and the back-end processing required to harvest and process the data.

This is the essential infrastructure you will need and on top of this, we will build the application layer which uses analytics, AI and ML modelling and visualisation tools. The other major challenge is security. Much of the data that passes through the IOT will be financially or commercially sensitive and highly confidential. We can advise on the best encryption methods and a wide range of provisions including firewalls and intrusion detection to prevent hacking and interference with device configurations.

We have assisted businesses from diverse verticals to succeed. Feel free to connect with us for a detailed understanding of how we can help you.

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