Code Review

Code Review

The foundation of any computer program is its source code. Not only does it enable software to function, but it also gives programmers and skilled users the tools to customise installations and to create comparable applications to run on other platforms. Any errors within that code will prevent the software from functioning properly and may render it useless. Other programs developed based on this code will be similarly ineffective. Furthermore, faulty source code can create vulnerabilities which could cause security to be compromised. For all these reasons, source code analysis is an indispensable part of the software and app development process because it will verify the stability and reliability of the entire digital edifice.

A source code review service is usually performed as a combination of automated and manual methods. Automation uses pre-set parameters to analyse the code and identify any issues that do not conform. The manual process is a far more intuitive one, often following the automated approach in order to examine the decisions that have gone into the composition of the code. While the automated review is immeasurably faster in finding potential flaws, it is limited by its lack of cognitive capability. A manual assessment can be strategic, looking at the intention and business logic of the developer. Automation can tell you what’s wrong but manual review will be able to tell you why.

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Key reasons to conduct source code analysis

  • Early remediation

    Early remediation
  • Consistent design

    Consistent design
  • Smooth implementation

    Smooth implementation
  • Better performance

    Better performance
  • Improved collaboration

    Improved collaboration
  • Reliable development

    Reliable development
  • Enhanced security

    Enhanced security
  • Stakeholder confidence

    Stakeholder confidence

The benefits of a source code review service

A company may be alerted to the necessity of carrying out a code review either by human initiative or automated notification. In either case, a combination of manual and automated resources will tend to get the best results and is considered to be current best practice. There are many tools now available such as static application testing which can be easily integrated into source code management systems and integrated development environments. The results of tests performed by these tools form the foundation of manual analysis, directing the reviewer to areas of particular concern. The review process helps to catch problems early which saves time as well as money and improves security, consistency across codebases and developer productivity.

Source code analysis is a lengthy, complex process but it is essential if you are engaged in software or app development. Frequently, a business will be reluctant to commit the time of a senior developer to the task which is precisely why Gradeon offers a comprehensive source code review service. We have years of experience working intensively with our clients to carry out thorough reviews. We have regularly identified flaws and vulnerabilities which would otherwise have gone undetected until they created serious malfunctions or caused security breaches. While source code analysis can be carried out at any stage of the development lifecycle, it is far better to catch errors early when it is easiest to correct them and before they have become embedded in the programs developed from faulty code. Find out how we can help you ensure the smooth conduct of your development projects.

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