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Even the most advanced cyber-security measures are only theoretically effective until they have been thoroughly tested. Developers of security systems devote time and resources to this so they can confidently guarantee the claims they make for their products. But laboratory testing will always be slightly artificial. There is no substitute for testing security in the field, in real time, in the environment where it needs to live up to its promises. That’s what penetration testing services are all about. It’s a way of war-gaming scenarios in which your defences come under attack as ruthlessly, ingeniously and sometimes as unexpectedly as they would from real criminals.

It is not the primary means of identifying weaknesses – that is the business of vulnerability assessments. Penetration testing is a way of checking and verifying that your systems are robust and reliable. Think of it as an IT audit. Just as external accountants will examine and make recommendations on your financial systems, penetration testing will give you assurances that your security measures are working and flag up any areas that may need attention. It is not a luxury but a necessity.

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Testing is the key to building and maintaining security

  • Penetration Testing

    Confirm your security measures are effective
  • Penetration Testing

    Identify potential risks
  • Penetration Testing

    Get help with corrective action
  • Penetration Testing

    Keep your protections up to date
  • Penetration Testing

    Learn about threats through simulated attacks
  • Penetration Testing

    Verify the security of individual apps
  • Penetration Testing

    Benefit from positive findings as well as negatives
  • Penetration Testing

    Choose system-wide or targeted testing

Leading penetration testing service providers

If you and your IT consultants or in-house team have done a good job of assessing potential vulnerabilities and implemented appropriate protections, then you ought to know in advance what a penetration test is going to find. If you have prepared well then the test will simply confirm your expectations. The bases on which testing is conducted will vary, especially in the extent of the testers’ knowledge of the system. In whitebox testing, penetration testing service providers are fully briefed on the systems that are in place so they will know exactly what they are looking for.

In blackbox testing the testers are kept in the dark and therefore assume the role of genuine hackers in a highly accurate simulation. Whatever the basis chosen, the kind of sophisticated penetration testing in which Gradeon specialises is designed to root out the subtlest issues that your own systems may have missed but the likelihood is that these will be few and far between. Nevertheless the value of penetration testing lies in both the peace of mind that comes with passing the test and the positive improvements any negative findings can empower you to make. Regular, rigorous penetration testing is invaluable. Ask us about how our service can help make your systems sound, strong and secure.

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